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1. When one trips over air when walking on a flat surface, usually happens anywhere at any given time; it varies from once to ten times a day.

2. When you fail to walk like a sane person.
Person 1:
"Hey, guys!
You remember yesterday when -" (trips over on a flat pavement)

Her friends:(all laugh)

Person 2:"Not another Miha ..." (slaps forehead)

Someone watching from afar: "Look at her, she's done a Miha. Again. I think it was ten times this week..."
by F-Piplup June 29, 2010
Miha means daughter and Spanish.
My miha told me she skipped class I'm so proud
by Alohagirl January 17, 2014
Complete Awesomeness or to be extremely talented and sexy at the same time especially in sports.Being a Mihas is common in Greek people.
I'm feeling pretty Mihas today
by Mihas February 14, 2009