someone who has a long-term sexual proximity to Asia
"he's a miffy, he's constantly eyeing up those Chinese tourists on the punts"
by Adam Birkby February 26, 2005
1. Owner of pyscho elvis, occasionally known as an inanimate object

also known as:Miffsters, Miffers, Bucket
1. Straighten up or Miffy'll set P.E. on you!
by Libby February 27, 2003
Often in the past, I've searched for the correct word to use when talking about my internet geekyness.
But, not generally internet, mostly just Myspace.
Myspace freak? nah. To creepy.
Myspace geek? nah. To annoying.

So eventually the term evolved from Myspace Freak..
To MyspaceFreak
To Miff
To Miffy
I'm posting a blog about my latest date. Gah I'm so Miffy.
by Tacyyyyy<3 January 01, 2007

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