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A man-wife, common in rural Ireland and Scotland, also India, although most of India is rural anyway.
Dude, check out that beard, I 'aint ever seen a mife like that before!
by yummyburgers August 29, 2005
Male Wife. Often in a relationship when the male counterpart assumes the role of a caring wife providing love, support and nurturing to the family and Fubby. Used by both homosexual and heterosexual relationship.
He is my mife. I want you to be my mife.
#husband #wife #homosexual #house husband #stay at home dad
by Single Woman June 24, 2011
(mom + wife = Mife)

When your wife treats you like shes your mom.
Husband ~ Hey baby can I have a sandwhich please

Wife ~ Get up and get it yourself

Husband ~ Well god damnit arnt you a mife get it yourself ??? what was I thinking marrying you your just like my mom lazy bitch

thats a mife you want a wife not a mife
#mife #wife #girlfriend #sister #mom
by FOR THE DICTIONARY! October 09, 2009
The feeling when you catch girlfriend in bed with a farmyard animal and she doesnt stop when she notices you.
Jack was in a mife
by AJ April 23, 2004
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