A common given name for a Japanese female. Although it is often written in hiragana, one of the phonetic syllabaries used in the Japanese writing system, it is not uncommon for the name to be written with kanji, the iconographs borrowed from Chinese.

Midori is also the word for the colour green in Japanese.
Hi, my name is Midori! I'm a Japanese female!
by CyaticFanatic March 22, 2009
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Usually likes watching Pokemon while watering her pet lizards. Likes snacking on wood. Is usually nicknamed "the beaver" because of her eating habits. She is the leader of the Japanese mafia and will kick your ass if you don't watch out. Lives in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, but doesn't own a car. Likes good music, but owns no iPod of her own so she steals them from people randomly walking around listening to them. Has a good friend named Katie who keeps her under control when she forgets to take her pills.
Joe: Hey Jim, can I listen to your iPod?
Jim: No you cannot I'm sorry.
Joe: Why not?
Jim: A Midori stole it.
by ilovemidori July 01, 2010
Midori is the word for green in japan.
watashiwa midoriga sukidesu.
by Pyro T March 10, 2008
A green-coloured, melon-flavoured liquor. Only 20% alcohol volume and is a lot sweeter than other liquors. It was made in Japan by Suntory, a distillery famous for its whisky.
"Oh, shit. Shouldn't have downed that last Midori bottle..."
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
an alcoholic drink that is melon flavoured availible in australia and its green. you drink it with juice or lemonade or both.
have you tried midori nigga? its great
by Melsy May 12, 2006
A sexual position in which a woman mounts a man and spins around on his penis until she turns green and throws up. In the past the woman was traditionally Asian (due to their diminutive stature and willingness to do just about whatever freaky shit you can imagine), but today any woman can purchase a sling and harness to attempt a midori.
-"Dude, that chick was cute last night. You two hook-up?"
-"She midoried all over my chest man. It was really gross but now I'm kind of into it."
by Equizzle October 20, 2010

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