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A green-coloured, melon-flavoured liquor. Only 20% alcohol volume and is a lot sweeter than other liquors. It was made in Japan by Suntory, a distillery famous for its whisky.
"Oh, shit. Shouldn't have downed that last Midori bottle..."
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
A type of Chinese torture, involving...uh...water. There were actually four main methods of torture:

1) A steady drip of water to the head which turned the victim insane.
2) The victim is placed on a rack horizontally above quickly-growing bamboo shoots, which are watered. The shoots peirce the victim, resulting in a slow and painful death.
3) The victim is force-fed bamboo shoots and water until he cannot take in any more. The bamboo grows inside the victim, until it protrudes from the skin.
4) The victim is force-fed water until he drowns internally.
Chinese Water Torture is a very undignified way to go...
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
The word 'Bollocks', reversed. It means the same thing, except this one you can get away with saying in school. The word was coined up in the 80s, by the frontman of Electric Light Orchestra, after the media claimed their songs had backwards Satanic messages.
"Now, where's your homework?"
"Oh, skcollob! I forgot!"
by Oni-91 November 24, 2007
One of the hardest PARANOiA remixes made for Dance Dance Revolution. It runs at a constant 300 BPM, and has 5 stops.

Contrary to most other PARANOiAs (excluding ETERNAL, which was by an external remixer who won a music competition by KONAMI), this PARANOiA is NOT by Naoki Maeda. Instead, it is by Sota Fujimori, who has done various other Bemani songs such as Star Gate Heaven, Back Into The Light and Look to the Sky.
PARANOiA -Respect-
.3k (Sota Fujimori pseudonym)

BPM: 300
Stops: 5

B-3 L-6 S-9 H-10
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
A woman that you have to take out for an expensive meal to fuck.
"You shouldn't get yourself an after dinner bint. All that'll happen is that you lose money and get the clap."
by Oni-91 July 04, 2009
A really long, rippling fart, which sounds like the sound effect on Scooby Doo when they run on the spot madly after seeing a ghost.
And next on Classical Musician of the Year, John Cage will play Chorus like Mama Joe's Bongos, on the rusty sherriff's badge.
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
The scientific term for the condition where your eyes and brain stop focusing on text properly because the font used is not very good.

Named after the Black version of overused font Arial.

"I'm sorry, I have Arial Bland. I couldn't read the sign properly because it was in Comic Sans."
by Oni-91 February 03, 2010

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