An african american which is so dark that it cannot be seen during the night.
Wesley Snipes is some kind of midnight nig.

That midnight stole my t.v. while i was watching it.
by Shit on my dick October 24, 2006
A dark ass black man who you can loose in the dark, and the only thing you can see is his yellow teeth.
My freind is a midnight nigga. Because at night i got to look for a bright yellow light to find him
by MER19931116 October 25, 2010
Someone who has the innate urge to go home before midnight. Consequently, they are a pussy and require a chorus of "Midnight, Midnight" as they leave. This is generally followed through with many early morning text messages with the following word "Midnight."
McKnoults was called "midnight" as once again he went home at 11.45pm.
by Brownie34 July 17, 2008
Ex vocalist for the band Crimson Glory. Has the most powerfully emotional voice ever recorded along with a god-like octave range and delivery.
Midnight is the greatest singer to ever live.
by Dub May 28, 2005
One of Evil_Moogle's darker colored cats.
Atleast Midnight isn't stuck on the roof again...
by Sakura_RPG November 15, 2004
A dude who will kick your ass at UT2k3.
Mid > all
by Midnight June 17, 2003
Christopher "Black Ass" Wilson
Chris Wilson is as black as midnight
by Kin-Kin December 15, 2004

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