4 words to define Middlesbrough "HOME OF THE CHAV"
Gaz,Tomo,Daz,Haz,Baz or another riduculous chavish lad from Middlesbrough:

by Gertrude Bearmont August 23, 2006
Home of the chav, drug capital of the UK and a rite shithole. Although,neighbouring Newcastle needs to be cock slapped because it is somehow even worse.
"Christ this place stinks of shit! are we in manchester?
..."No middlesbrough"
by Sean_David_Iley April 04, 2008
A town in North-East England, and one of the most chav ridden places I have ever been to, Windows and Doors broken all over the show, a proper shit tip, Their accent is atrocious, it is what I class as, as "Fake-Geordie".
Also, A really shit small-time football club, who were saved from going into administration in the 80's and were that happy, they put the year on their badge.
Lad 1: "Arrrrgh, Lad, Lets go and bust some windows in our lacoste trackies and burberry caps."
Lad 2: "Oh, we don't need to, the streets of Middlesbrough are already shite enough"
by Matty. October 04, 2007

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