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Very muscular arms.

The term was first used to describe those of John Taylor's, of the band Young Guns, as he has impressive and incredibly sexy arms, after Elle Waddington drew a stick men drawing of Young Guns, and to depict John the character was drawn with semicircular upper arms, to which Laura Bullock said they looked like "bewb arms". - December 19th 2010.

Other people often referred to as having "bewb arms" are Laurence Rene of My Passion fame, and Brad Pitt in the film Troy.
ohhhh that guy over there has such peng bewb arms!
by i_jumelle February 20, 2011
a town in the North East of England which is commonly referred to as "Poland" due to it's resemblance to the country, a resemblance which was pointed out by Catherine Alexander.
Middlesbrough looks like Poland, yo! It is da nuts!
by i_jumelle February 20, 2011

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