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A.k.a. Vyers Dark Adonis

A very classy demon with a slight accent. Is one of the many demons attempting to wrestle the title of overlord

Is very sensitive about his name.
"W-what? M-Midboss? This is... Unforgivable!!!

I am the Dark Adonis, Vy..." - Midboss
by Copy_wheel_Kakashi March 31, 2004
the mid-boss is a boss enemy,fought in the middle of a level during most video games to make you weaker for the final fight with a much stronger boss character.
"oh crap im out of items the damn mid-boss made me use them up"

by xMID BOSSx February 27, 2008
"I told you! My name is the Dark Adonis!"
by GG Crono 4 November 09, 2003
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