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Well... it is exactly like the other Kakashi definitions above, but:

Kakashi also means scarecrow.

It is believed that ninjas could hide within the shadow of a scarecrow, or dress up as a scarecrow, and conceal themselves within fields, ready to ambush unsuspecting prey.
I... cant think of a good example...
*goes back to reading icha icha paradise*
by Copy_wheel_Kakashi March 31, 2004
The true heir to the throne of the netherworld.

Fell into a deep sleep (which was supposed to be a short 10 day nap), and within that time, his father, King Krichevosky died by choking upon his fave snack, a black pretzel.

Has a weakness against women with big breasts.
"Muahahaha!" - Laharl (i couldnt think of anything good...)
by Copy_wheel_Kakashi March 31, 2004
A.k.a. Vyers Dark Adonis

A very classy demon with a slight accent. Is one of the many demons attempting to wrestle the title of overlord

Is very sensitive about his name.
"W-what? M-Midboss? This is... Unforgivable!!!

I am the Dark Adonis, Vy..." - Midboss
by Copy_wheel_Kakashi March 31, 2004

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