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its a complete oxymoron
its called Microsoft Works but it never works!
by drummerbabe967 December 27, 2004

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Um...no it doesn't.
"Microsoft Works is the world's greatest oxymoron."
by johnson December 19, 2003
1) Word processing program by the Microsoft Corporation

2) Oxymoron
1) Microsoft Works sucks, I'm going to get a bootlegged copy of Office.

2) Microsoft works? No it doesn't.
by Nick April 03, 2003
A tawdry software program, usually bundled free by lower-end computer manufacturers, in an effort to keep their PC hardware prices low. Microsoft Works has become a byword for format incompatibilities and system crashes.
"Tarquin, I am sorry you can't do the MS Word homework that your teacher set you for school, but daddy went for the cheap option, hence you will have make do with this godawful Microsoft Works program. I am so sorry."
by Jason the monkey October 22, 2007
an incredible writing program that comes with many computers and is 1000 times better than Microsoft word.
For example, unlike rip-off Word, Microsoft Works has a dictionary=D
by uknoieatwatamel0n October 29, 2007