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Acts or words that are perceived to be insulting by a person who is looking to be insulted, whether or not that was the intent of the transgressor. Usually a symptom of a persecution complex. (n)
Person 1: "Hey I'm hungry, do you want to go to KFC for lunch?"
Person 2: "What? You think I want to eat fried chicken JUST BECAUSE I'M BLACK?"
Person 1: "Wha? No, I just..."
Person 2: "You can take your microaggressions and shove them, you racist SOB."
by Placebo Effect December 19, 2013
The tiniest of possible insults, not insulting enough to qualify as regular aggression. Generally unintentional, unnoticed, and unimportant, these microaggressions are intended to draw the attention of everyone in the vicinity, and particularly at University should be avoided at all cost.
"This splinter is a microaggression to my finger."
"OMG! Are you going to be allright?! Should I dial 911!?"
by Noisy Ninja January 14, 2015
Everyday verbal or nonverbal slights or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate derogatory messages that target people based solely upon their marginalized group membership.
Examples of microaggressions:

White person: "You don't act like a normal black person."
Black person: "What do you mean?"
White person: "You're just so intelligent and well-spoken. You just don't act like the rest of them."
Black person: "The rest of them?"
White person: "No, I didn't mean it like that. It's really a compliment."

Straight person: "So which one of you is the woman?"
Gay person #1: "What?"
Straight person: "Which one is the woman in the relationship?"
Gay person #2: "Um... neither one of us. We're both men."

Male: "What are you studying?"
Female: "Physics."
Male: "Huh? Oh, you want to be a teacher!"
Female: "No, I want to be a physicist."
Male: "Are you sure? That's a difficult job. I don't think you're fit for it."
by qbdkusoemv August 13, 2016
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