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A gorgeous woman. Brilliant, charming, sweet, beautiful, fun. Lucky the man who can win her heart!
Wow what a Micol!

Does Micol means Nicole?
Does Sarah means Julia??
by abodrock November 28, 2011
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very strange girl who has many encounters with extra terrestrials, often by the name of "zenon." she is often plagues by the presence of pleghm in her thorax/ gerneral esophogus area. she enjoys pretending to be of other races, and is not caucasion. she has a weird hairline and is "ghetto" and likes to break it down. her large breasts get in the way of her attempt to fit in with the norm. shes got hott friends. she is the sissy duckling of the world. she says "lol" and meanz it. <3333333333333333333
by beckyshuman123 June 23, 2009
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