Noun: the teaching of hitting people vigeriously with your nipples and slapping their heads with your boobs.
The more saggy the better and more power your tittys generate.
I could totally beat up Megatron if i was a big fucking car that knew Michellism
by Michelles bestfriend! June 06, 2010
Top Definition
A disjointed, random, misspelled, completely understandable group of words that comes into existence during normal conversation with Michelle's perpetuated by the lack of sufficiently descriptive legitimate English words.

Meanings of said Michellisms are irrelevant as it is assumed everyone knows what they mean.

So far 13 volumes of compiled Michellisms are available for attempting to understand Michelle's world wide.
"you are being all linky today."

"wow no more michellisms."
by gusza October 14, 2009
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