an awesome singer/songwriter/musician who kicks butt,is married,and can kick lindsay lohan's butt anytime.
awesome singer songwriter musician
by Michelle Luver March 03, 2005
An awesome singer who actually sings,writes HER OWN songs,and plays instruments.
The exact oppsite of Britney Spears
by meech April 16, 2005
a super talented girl, singer, guitarist, wife, almost mom, simply, nice, and everything kond in this world....
better than poser and something like that
by mida March 25, 2005
An awesome singer/songwriter/musician.
Not a poser like Lindsay Lohan.
The complete oppisite of Lindsay Lohan
by Michelle Luver February 21, 2005
creator and master of the universe god
the opposite of avril lavigne
by Hayley January 28, 2005
Born july 2nd 1983 she was named after the beatles song "michelle" she is of irish ancestry and eursian as her mother was born in the netherlands. michelle started learning to sing when she was 8 years old when she was only sixteen she released an album without a label called broken bracelet, which was named after a friend of hers gave her a bracelet promising when it broke she would be famous. she released her first album which was an instant bestseller in 2001 called "The Spirit room" her 2nd and perhaps final album as a solo singer was Hotel Paper released in 2003, michelle joined up with her longtime pal jessica harp to form the band the wreckers they made their debut with the song leave the pieces on the one tree hill soundtrack. Michelle is now happily married to her bass player Teddy Landau who is 19 years older than her, she has a one and half year old little girl named owen isabelle.
Michelle Branch made the really popular song "Everywhere"
by Holly Matronic May 29, 2007
The Most Beautiful Singer in the world...and a beautiful voice as well!!! Talented Too!!!
by Damonstr15 June 27, 2003

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