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A beautiful italian brunnette who gets all the guys. Usually dark exotic eyes that instantly stand out to you right away. Smart in school and very fashinable. Shes neat and needs everything to be perfect. Sometimes can be a huge bitch but sometimes can be your bestfriend. Not embarrassed to do anything and can make you laugh anyday. Proud of heritage and loves expensive name brands.
"Michela is beautiful !"
"i love her eyes"
"i love her clothes"
"Michelas my best friend"
by rissy12345 October 04, 2009
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A girl, who thinks she is all-that. She reckons she is really pretty, when really people see her as ugly and annoying. She covers herself by being very loud and always screaming. She is usually jealous of her pretty friends as she knows guys will never go after her, like they do to her friend.
Friend : Aiden is so cute and guess what he likes me !
Michela : Yeah, whatever ><
by ShawtyLikeMine5432 September 15, 2010
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