Someone who continually proves his facts. Yet everyone blindly hates him because "oh no, he doesn't support Our President, he must be a liar." On His website, you will find proof that what he says is true. Everyone is saying that he hates America, which is not true at all. He hates Bush, and the lies he spreads. He does not hate the rest of the country.
Blind hater: "Moore is a liar"
Moore supporter: "But his facts are proven"
Blind Hater: "So?, He could be lying"
Moore supporter: "Well if they are prove-
Blind hater: "Shut up he's a liar!"
by Aleksandr Stevikov July 18, 2005
Top Definition
a he/she that sweats uncontrollably and likes men in his body.
look at that micheal moore,suckin up some cock.
by Turkey Spider January 06, 2008
A fat socialist who needs a real job.
Who is Micheal Moore trying to kid?
by Sincerely, G.W. Bush December 24, 2004
Someone who makes "documentries" that are really just a whole bunch of lies intended to work on the intense emotions of the naive liberals into being more ignorant that they already are.
Farenheit 9/11 was allmost completely ficticious.
by GunCat April 23, 2005
worthless fat-ass liar who master edits everything you say into what he wants you to say.
Worthless Liberal fuck who is good for one thing and one thing practice
by chris February 24, 2005
makes a living off the misery and pain of others. a Douch Bag. A Pot Smoker. Pedofile.
miceal moore is a gay homo pedophile woh cnt speal woth a mothr
by ryan April 22, 2005
The way an idiot spells Michael Moore.
Micheal Moore is a liberal Douch Bag and a Pedofile sic. I Khanate believ he gets away with taht shite!
by Evan B. March 05, 2006
The way the mentally retarded and uneducated Republicans spell Michael Moore.
My friend submitted a definition to urban dictionary on Michael Moore, but he spells his name Micheal Moore, he's not a Republican, he's just mentally retarded.
by Dr Truth April 27, 2005
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