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Noun or verb
Describes when a woman (or feminine man) takes a load in the mouth and then spits it back onto the guy through the gap in her (his) front teeth. This is usually done as payback for a male dominant sex act (i.e. donkey punch, angry dragon, chili rainbow, etc). Named after popular NFL player turned commentator and gap-toothed black man Micheal Strahan.

note: is mainly performed by gap-toothed hood rats and flaming butt monkeys, but some rich divorcees have been know to do the Michael Strahan from time to time.
Yo my man just gave me the Sneaky Castro last night so I gave him the old Micheal Strahan!

as a verb: I just Michael Strahan'd that cheating bastard of a husband!
by RedDan69 February 24, 2011
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