a hot and awesome swimmer who won 8 gold medals in the beijing 08 olympics.
person 1: did you watch the olympics?
person 2: heck yes, whho wouldn't want to see michael phelps?
by jessica =D August 27, 2008
a half man,half super fast fish that eats gold medals for breakfast.
"Michael Phelps is almost faster than Chuck Norris."
by The Palaceoflove August 24, 2008
The most talented Olympic Swimmer ever. He won 8 gold medals in the 2008 olympics, that's all of them. Like most swimmers, he has a super-HAWT body.. but his face isn't the most attractive one ever though. People who claimed they've gone to high school with him said that he was a total jerk. He has a long torso, short legs, and fin-like feet. He's 6'4 and around 200 pounds. Again, VERY nice body but he is not Calvin Klein underwear model material. He is also my boyfriend... in my dreams, that is.
Joe: Did you see Michael Phelps win ANOTHER gold medal?
Bob: That guy is an underwater god, but he's takin' all the damn medals!
by dianaispeachy August 23, 2008
one of the sexiest men you'll ever see. you'll wanna blow him. trust me.
oh my god did you see michael phelps?! i wanna fuck him so hard
by prankstess August 22, 2008
synonym for god, zeus etc.

also the only piece of matter in the universe to ever challenge chuck norris to a duel of life and death and still live.
michael phelps is not a human
by blabla!! August 18, 2008
-A natural born human mermaid man who swims the fastest.
-Resulting in first places for 8th straight event.
-You're such a michael phelps.
-You did the michael phelps!
by charlie diep August 17, 2008
A fucking beast!!!! He is...
Half dolphin
Half Matthew Bellamy and
Half human
Sports fanatic: Did you see that Michael Phelps win his fourteenth gold medal last night?
Someone who doesn't care about watching the best swimmer in the world: nope
Sports Fanatic: you're such a fuckin loser. Go kill yourself...
by trptking August 16, 2008
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