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Very talented singer who just might destroy every other guy's chances of getting laid.
What? Michael Bublé is still in this planet? Oh come on!!!
by Eli Buendia October 10, 2007
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A Canadian singer with a voice of pure and utter sex! This mans voice is orgasmic. He's totally down to earth in a "i know im hot but im still modest" kinda way.

He's worked hard to be as successful as he is and deserves to be where he is.
Gf: OMG! It's Mr Bubbles!
Bf: *sigh"
Gf: Come on, you have to admit you're jealous
Bf: ...I am

Michael Bublé is sexy!
by DrinFace February 15, 2011
A man who perfected the use of the testicle vice to produce some of the most outlandish and dull screeching every to stain the bowels of the human ear.
Would someone put a goddamn sock in that Michael Bublé ?
by Blitzkreep December 13, 2014
The Definition of a Sh*t lad. Any males whom venture away from the pub/a girls room to watch a Michael Bublé concert shall loose all Lad Status.
Womble : "Hey Scotland Lad, wanna go watch Michael Bublé"?
Scotland Lad : "Yeah sure babe!."

Rest of the World : "Sh*t Lad!"
by HKhardman November 10, 2010

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