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The equivalent to 'Meow' although not over used in the least bit as the term meow is.
-The Noise made by cats.
Miau :3
I was listening to my cat and he like, miaued.
I like miauing to my friends.
by Putabananainyoear May 29, 2008
The sound made by a male cat or tom cat. For female cat refer to meow
Male Cat: Miau, how you doing?
Female Cat: Meow, fine thank you
by wkwkeke October 31, 2014
REALLY strange type of creatures. Destined to find their couple and live with them ever after enjoying a glorious kind of love that everyone will be jelaous of.
Its really rare that these couples meet but there have been a few cases of this happening.
Scienntists all over the world have been surprised by the amount of catness, cuteness, darkness and GRRRR time they've observed witin this creatures.
A llittle miau couple which has been toogether for over 9 months and is currently separated by a vacation trip to miami
by Little CAT/MIAU June 28, 2010
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