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a breakfast consisting of a plate of blow, a cigarette and an alcoholic beverage of choice!
John awoke after a long night of partying in Vegas, only to start the morning off with a line of blow followed by a cigarette and a sip of cognac. (Thus, a Miami Breakfast)
by dmj3882 June 06, 2010
when someone snorts a line of cocaine anytime of the day or night, to start off their day, night, or to get a second wind to a long day or night
Example 1)
Kirk had a long day, we should sit down to a Miami Breakfast, so he will be fresh for tonight.

Dustin: Why is Mike so energized this morning, after a long night?

Brett: Oh, He had a Miami Breakfast first thing this morning.
by IceColdChillen June 18, 2010
When you start putting on tanning lotion and this somehow leads to a handjob.
We would've got to the beach sooner, but we decided to go for a nice Miami Breakfast first.
by Asmodeuss July 21, 2009

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