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One who is fat and lazy and sits on forums all day pretending to have some knowledge and/or authority
Hi , Im a MiSmith7 , Im Fat , dont post that here cuz im a wannabe modorator and i like little boys
by do you know me? March 08, 2004
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predecessor to P-Wolf on the forums
good god that's a crazy post count...wonder why I haven't seen him in game for a while?
by Forum Whore March 09, 2004
Genius, pathological liar, Counter-Strike Lamer, Cybertown junky(possibly former), Banned Member of the Steam Users forum.
"Hey everyone, Linux is the r0x0r, n00bs are the ghey"
One then notices that he's running XP...
by -=[NSF]=-whitewrath January 02, 2004

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