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Adam Lambert's song "Whataya Want From Me" played backwards says "Mfolio", so the Glamberts made a song called Mfolio complete with lyrics.

Go to Youtube and search "Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me/Mfolio"
Dude, did you hear Mfolio last night?

Yeah! Mfolio should be the name of his next album!!
by its-your-time-to-shine July 10, 2011
(1) A word to replace any other comment
(2) An insult to a item or event
(3) A reply to any any other comment
(1) Yeah and im like, mfolio
(2) That pen is so mfolio
(3) "Hwy wazzup?" "I dunno, mfolio"
by Da jman_2001 June 25, 2003

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