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A woman that is in love with Meryl Streep for sexual reasons or just plain unadulterated obsession.
"After watching Mamma Mia and seeing the 59 year old actress do the splits, I realized I am definitely a mezbian."
by darlingdiva June 19, 2009
A usually straight female, who is in love with Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep confuses me. I'm straight, but she's so sexy I can't help but be a Mezbian
by sttttttroooob September 07, 2009
this is you, if you are a lesbian for Meryl Streep.
I love Stroobs!

You are such a mezbian.
by mezmerizedxD October 01, 2009
A metro sexual Lezbian
Whoa look that girls a "mezbian"
by Guyringhender March 23, 2007