A non-sensical, irrelevant suffix added to words to promote ultimate delerium and hillarity.
Pie-meya hi!


I want more bullet-meyas for my snipesy-pie!


Fuck that loudmouth douchebag. He's a cunt-meya.
by GoatSlayer April 28, 2009
Top Definition
An emaciated, dippy women- A typical Meya will display some/all of the following:


..Has an ability to turn even the most interesting of facts into coma inducing dribble.

..Wear short dresses to casual events.

..Will use the phrase "i know the owner" at every venue and event.

..Say she is of a Mensa standard of intelligence.

..Will use words that don't exist.

..Has very poor comebacks.

..Has vomit inducing flatulence

.......but good fun none the less.
by yeahidont care February 20, 2010
Synonym for 'here'
Come meya!
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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