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A person who is half mexican half philipino
I made out with a Mexipino chick last night
by someguy22 October 14, 2006
Someone who is Mexican and Filipino.
They have the flavor of a Mexican and the spice of an Asian.
Look at that fine Mexipino over there.
by mexipinoprincess October 15, 2012
Someone of undeterminable race, not visibly showing characteristics for one specific culture but visibly showing qualities of several cultures.
"she's a tasty mexipino..."
by Vitamin T December 15, 2005
(n.) A person of mixed Mexican and Filipino descent. Female form -- Mexipina
Friend 1: Yo! How do you know so much Tagalog, bruh?
Friend 2: I'm a Mexipino, bruh.
by SpencerFlippinReid May 09, 2016
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