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1.a Mexican vagina.
2.a Mexican bitch.
Maria was a being a real mexicunt last night.
by hughmonger November 03, 2003
A Mexican cunt, the word was originally on Weeds.
That dumb Mexicunt stole my taco!
by That scene kid July 21, 2009
A cunt whose a Mexican.

Can be used as an insult or playfully.
Naz is a Mexicunt
by POI69 April 12, 2009
Mexican + cunt - an = Mexicunt

A girl of Mexican descent that acts like a bitch, complains while cleaning the house, and loves to get railed by the boss.
Brisa. Jennifer Lopez. Dirty Mexican. Guadalupe. Enrique Inglesis

Used in a sentance:
Go make me a sandwich you dumb mexicunt.
by Douglas Leiser August 17, 2007
A Mexican character in the film "Loverboy 3," who thinks by helping the hero kill the guys who've kidnapped his girlfriend he'll get a piece of ass.
Loverboy: "You want to split 40 grand?"
Mexican: "Fuck yeah. What about the girl, do we split her too?"
Loverboy: "You Mexicunt."

Movie is on youtube: search "Loverboy 3"
by Mexilover December 06, 2010
N_0_R_C_4_L is a Mexicunt, he always talks about his old wrinkly teacher from dumby school.
by Bebe Ownage January 08, 2009