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The name of a lucha libre group in the WWE. Group members consist of former WCW and ECW stars: Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Super Crazy. Debuted on the Smackdown! show of June 23, 2005. Possibly a deviant of the name "Mexican't", of which is coined in the movie "Once Upon a Time In Mexico" by Johnny Depp's character. Just like how Eddie Guerrero rides a lowrider during his entrance, the group rides a lawnmower.
Steve-O: "..what the fuck?"
Juventud: "We are the Mexicools!"
Steve-O: "Juvy??! WHY?!!"
When something thats is not considered cool in any other society except for the Hispanic American culture.
Buying rims that are too small and has the wrong offset for a car and putting them on anyway: That's Mexicool.

An entire paint scheme on a car that depicts Mexico's Flag: Thats Mexicool.

Hitting on women in a foreign tounge: You had better believe thats Mexicool.
by Z-diddy June 19, 2006
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