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1. any vehicle that is plainly owned by a mexican just by looking it at

2. any odd shaded car (such as aqua-turquise), containing the celtic letters on the back window, and has more than 6 people in a 3 seated area.

3. basically, almost any car that is a piece of junk
Look at that mexicar! theres gotta be at least 9 people in that piece of crap!
by spics should die May 15, 2004
A derogitory term for a car so bad it would only be suited for mexicans.

Mexicar could also mean those crappy cars on the freeway that could have only costed $1000 at most to buy, but was horribly pimped out with about $25000 worth of stuff.

Examples include a tricked out 2-door ford sport escort, those obnoxiosly loud, ugly, old Lexus's, and the ones that are just life those lexus's, but subaru's.
Damn, I need to get a job, because right now, I can only afford a mexicar at most!

Dude, let me call you back, I can't hear you, there's a fuckin mexicar next to me!

Yaway, esé, I just got a mextastic deal on an old lexus, I'm gunna put a huge spoiler on it, and have the loudest exhaust ever!!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that would be a mexicar!
by Shy Yahn August 14, 2009
A small car preferably a Geo Metro or Toyota Tercel full of mexicans usually 5 or more.
Last week I saw a Mexicar on the Interstate last night.
by jake520 June 25, 2007

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