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Someone who is
1. half Japanese or chinese and half mexican

2. half lebanese half mexican
1. Puta, u didnt kno im Mexicanese

2. Salma Hayek
by Munegra March 15, 2009
a person which is undefinable as mexican or asian, or dificult to catogorize as either.
"Is he Mexican or Asian?"
"We can't tell so we say he's mexicanese."
by Kiri-chan March 18, 2009
1. when you cant tell if someone is latino or oriental

2. something that bears componants of mexican and chinese
1. my camp counselor said she was from mexico, but i swear she looked chinese. so i guess she was mexicanese

2. those doritos, they taste like jalopeno mexican, but they also taste like soy sauce. totally mexicanese
by kel-c ghould July 10, 2008
Someone who is either mexican and chinese or is mexican and japanese.
She's pretty stupid for a mexicanese girl.
by boredgirl April 24, 2006
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