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Me.xi.can Pi.rate
1) A fag
2) A silly bitch who keeps menacing The Suckage but does shit because he's too fukkin retarded to do anything.
3) A mongoloid fuck who wanks to President Bush's speeches


This person has always seen all non-republican lifeforms as human trash, and thinks all countries who don't exactly do what george bush tells them to do should be nuked. He has also raised a few pro-Bush, anti-democrat and anti-rest-of-the-world forums which were all spammed by The Suckage which he tried to scare by telling them he would "hack" them. Yet he hasn't done anything because he's a frustrated fat fairy fuck with the intelligence of a bottle of m8s
"The gayness in this thread is bigger than Vegaya himself!"

Suckage member: "Mexican_Pirate?"
Mexican_Pirate: "yes?"
Suckage member: "You are a fag."
by Pukist September 04, 2005
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