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The Suckage is a semi-religion started on the sucksforum known as www.sucks500.com
After Sucks500 was closed, the true folowers of the Suckage created another Holy Forum known as www.sucksbbs.com
Their purpose is simple: arrogant forums, stupid forums and sissi-gay forums are considered infidel and will be spammed by the Suckage.
They use proxies to perform their attacks. Comparable to a terrorist cell, these people cannot be fought, even not with the destruction of their site.
Some Suckage phrases:

That's right, that's right!
May the Puke! be with you.
You are a fag.
...other random words
by Terrorist Specialist February 09, 2005

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Refers to a series of web forums, the present incarnation of which resides at www.sucksbbs.com

A forum where you can say anything, no matter how twisted or vulgar, and the mods won't lift a finger. A TRUE free speech forum in every sense of the word.

Also refers to the pseudo-religion started by an enigmatic poster known as The Prophet. The Suckage refers to a collection of ideologies, customs and cliches that are native to the Sucks forums.
The Suckage is twisted, but awesome.
by Penisbird.com, m8s June 19, 2005