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1. when one eats a delicious dish of mexican cuisine, but afterwards suffers the consequences in the form of uncontrollable, firey diarrhea.

2. when after recieving anal sex from a person of mexican heritage (or hispanic in general) one contracts an STD in their anus, resulting in a sloppy, muddy butthole.
Person 1: Dude those burrittos were awesome, but i'm never eating there again.

Person 2: Why's that?

Person 1: Because i was on the toilet for the next 2 hours with a case of Mexican Mudbutt

Lisa: Jenny, how'd things go with Jose last night?

Jenny: Well i let him do me in the ass, and now i think i've got a sloppy encounter with Mexican Mudbutt
by tylervaz May 09, 2006
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one who scoots his scooter in mexican mud
another no example needed!

Ur a hombre deep in mexican mud U don't need to be a gringo to know a mexican mudbutt.

A mexican mudbutt crawls under da fence with mexican mud takes a mexican taxi to a mexican motel sleeps with mexiwookie puts on mexican shorts makes mexican time.
by itichie_nocanpo July 03, 2006
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