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Can also mean: when a person removes their pants and underwear and climbs over a sleeping person so that their asshole is approximately 3 inches away from the sleeping person's face. The person performing the act punches the sleeping person in the stomach as hard as possible to wake them up. In theory, the sudden shock of being woken by the punch will cause the sleeper's head to come up and forward, thrusting their nose into the other's ass.

See also: brown-nose, Sanchez's wakeup call
We woke up John with a Mexican alarm clock this morning, he says he can't get the smell of shit out of his nose.
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
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big deisel truck, when they hear it coming it wakes you up and you get back to work as the boss man is coming!
hey hear that man? "GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE"
I thing the boss is coming man! get back to work holmes.
by camerod December 05, 2004
An elaborate scheme to rid your bed of unwanted hoes. The idea is once you have realised that you have picked up a fugly bitch from a night you can not remember, you find your ass some jalapeno chillies and rub your finger(s) in them so as to obtain the spicey sweetness. From here, you proceed to ram-a-jam your spicey finger up the bitch's ass hole.
You will never see her again.

This technique may also be used if one wishes to have breakfast in bed or a full bed to themselves but be warned you will never see this girl again so make sure she's not special.
"Man I picked up THE ugliest bitch the other night"

"Fuck man, have a big one?"

"The biggest."

"How'd you act in the morning?"

"How do you think I acted? Dipped my fist in some jalapenos and ram-a-jammed my fist up that fuckers ass hole."

"Brutal Mexican Alarm Clock!!! Nice!!!"
by Trogdog April 08, 2010
To fart in ones face to wake them from a sleep.
Dude last night my wife fell asleep watching the move, so I woke her up with the old "Mexican Alarm Clock"
by Drop Dizzle February 02, 2007
when your naked butt to butt and one person farts against the other waking the other person up.
" hey kelly how did you wake up this morning? oh my boyfriend used a mexican alarm clock to wake me up."
by pauliesatx May 16, 2009
Drinking large amounts of plain tap water before going to sleep so as to be waken up by the urge to urinate.
Pedro wound up his mexican alarm clock with half a gallon of water.
by sh0gg0th March 30, 2007

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