During a Cleveland Steamer, the person who is taking the shit pretends to slip and land in the shit and proceeds to slide down the chest on to the abdomen and finally on the genitalia. The shit filled landing strip on the person is the mudslide.
From the mexican mudslide she gave me last week my skin is soft as fuck.
by LNM July 03, 2012
Top Definition
The term used when one farts into another's drink. Add "double shot" when the fart is a shart.
1. Jocelyn left her drink unattended and Joshua gave it a Mexican Mudslide.

2. While giving Jocelyn a Mexican Mudslide, Joshua sharted and made it a Double-shot!
by JCheyLovesTheRedSox August 17, 2009
When ur doing a girl who has the runs in the anus and she farts as a mexican with sombrero and a bottle of tequilla slaps your ass
mexican mudslide
by thecheifthatmatters December 14, 2013
Taking a crap on your partners face, then "sliding" back and forth smearing it into every crevasse. While wearing a sombrero.
Mexican Mud Slide
by Japo Jones August 13, 2007
when all mexicans start humping in Tijuana at midnight!
Tijuana urban areas have mucho mud hills. Hombres & mujeres hump at midnight some houses slde down hill.

ho ho ho Mexican mudslide, Mexican mudslide, Mexican mudslide, Say it 3 times Like an american fire drill.....
by itichie_nocanpo July 03, 2006
when a man takes a pee poop on there partners chest and there partner arches there back so the pee poop slides in to there mouth
brad davis totaly did a mexican mud slide his whore of a fat junt cew mother
by the lunchbox cool June 25, 2009
you take a shit on a girls titty balls and then piss on it!
I asked if she had seen the Mexican Mudslide that was on the news last night, when she said no but she wants to see what it looked like, I crapped on her chest, whipped out my baby arm, and pissed on it.
by Dean L. September 09, 2006
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