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A sexual position in which you ride someone in the asshole down a staircase on a mattress
Damn i fucked that girl mexican landslide style
by fpsme October 01, 2007
When you cum on your partner's face and proceed to push her down the stairs.
My bitch got uppity so I gave her a mexican landslide and she broke her arm.
by Cwama March 02, 2007
A sexual act in which you are getting head while eating mexican food. You unexpectedly fart which excites you and you ejaculate in the chicks mouth, this causes her to back away and fall down the stairs causing a landslide.
Person 1: My chicks in the hospital

Person 2: Why

Person 1: I gave her a Mexican Landslide
by jhdsvjhdsajhfd April 10, 2009
When a girl gives you head and you pish her down the stairs.
yo i gave her a mexican landslide, it was awesome
by ILOVEMETAL December 15, 2007
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