when your fisting someone, whether anal or vaginal, and open your hand like an explosion while your hand is inside them.
chick#1 "Jim gave me a Mexican Hand grenade last night."

chick#2 "really, and how was that?"

chick#1 "interestingly fun."
by Mexican with Hand grenades November 27, 2009
when one craps in their hand and throws it at a group of people
I could be wrong, but i think that kid is preparing to throw a mexican hand grenade at us.
by freshdreads April 30, 2010
When you take a dump into a sock and then throw the sock at a person like a grenade. Usually done after consuming lots of spicy food. Not to be confused with the Mexican Mortar.
Monty ate a lot of Taco Bell today so he decided it was an opportune time to throw a Mexican Hand Grenade at Shane.
by Jameson Vandersnatch September 04, 2011

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