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When you are having sex with a woman, right before you cum you throw a blanket over her face and scream something that that sounds spanish. As soon as she uncovers her face, punch her in the mouth.
Benji just gave biggy a mexican blanket.
by Biggysteez August 08, 2011
When someone gives a man a handjob and then wipes the cum down his back.
Mary gave Joe a Mexican Blanket to get back at him for the donkey punch he gave her.
by meagan F July 22, 2008
When a girl smothers your sunburnt cock with aloe in Mexico and then proceeds to give you the messiest hummer of all hummers swallowing everything up so completely it was as if she had used blanket to soak it all up.
Patricio received two Mexican Blankets on his trip to Cabo.
by DildyFace May 13, 2005

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