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A racial term to describe the leaf blowers that landscapers wear. Typically, the engine of this type of leaf blower is strapped to the worker's back while the hose runs down their arm to their hand where they can direct the air stream.
Whoa! Check out the Mexican Backpack on that guy! It looks like a 44cc dual-ring piston engine, and WOW a hip mounted throttle controls with cruise control. Now that guy can still work AND be lazy.
by FloodedAnt December 12, 2008
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This is when the man tucks his member back between his legs nearing his anus, thus being able to recieve oral whilst farting in the womans mouth...still in development, no known cases.....yet, so get on it ya freaky deaky dudes!
she was not happy recieving a mexican backpack....
by J.Barclay June 04, 2007
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