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A racial term to describe the leaf blowers that landscapers wear. Typically, the engine of this type of leaf blower is strapped to the worker's back while the hose runs down their arm to their hand where they can direct the air stream.
Whoa! Check out the Mexican Backpack on that guy! It looks like a 44cc dual-ring piston engine, and WOW a hip mounted throttle controls with cruise control. Now that guy can still work AND be lazy.
by FloodedAnt December 12, 2008
Pronounced "tren-dee-uhn," this term describes a person whose country of origin is India who takes on a metrosexual lifestyle, especially in the area of dress. Trendians are more commonly found in their natural habitat of Corporate IT departments.
Arvind was quite the dapper trendian, sporting a Banana Republic colared shirt, pants that were surely fom Nordstrom's, and Gucci shoes. He complimented his wardrobe with Armani sunglasses and a Diesel watch.
by FloodedAnt December 30, 2008
Similar to a carpool, this activity involves traveling in a group from an initial source to a shared destination. However, the traveling is done by walking and there general is no energy savings or reduction in your carbon footprint when taking part in this activity. Walk pooling commonly occurs in the office environment when a meeting occurs in another building and allows you to arrive with the people that you want to arrive with.
John scheduled the next meeting in his building and not ours, which means we have to get off our lazy asses and hoof it to his place. At least we can all walk pool there together.
by FloodedAnt January 21, 2009

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