When little tan Mexicans beat their Pinata sticks against the stomach of a impregnated woman, forcing the baby out of the womb.
"Ow that Mexican Abortion hurt"
by HaleyANDYSON April 06, 2010
Top Definition
when someone (usually a guy) pushed a pregnant girl down a flight of stairs
sally told fred she was pregnant, fred suggested a mexican abortion, sally looked over at fred confused, he then pushed her down the stairs
by CacheXT June 08, 2006
When someone eats a large amout of spicy mexican food, resulting in massive diarrhea completely filling the toilet bowl.
Dude I had a ton of those fish tacos from baja fresh, and about ten minutes later I had a crazy mexican abortion.
by G-az April 08, 2011
When a pregnant women doesn't have enough money for a regular abortion. She goes down to mexico and gets tied up like a pinata and the little mexican children swing at her hoping that candy will come out but an unborn fetus comes out instead.
Diana had to get an abortion, but she didn't have enough money so, she went down to mexico and had a Mexican Abortion.
by Tankin December 17, 2007
The procces of giving an abortion with a rusty coat hanger and a mouse trap. First you reach up the vag with the coat hanger and pull the baby out then you slap the baby onto the mouse trap and the abortion is complete without having to go to the doctor.
Andrew gave his mother a mexican abortion last night and guess what she had twins.
by I EatedTheKitty February 19, 2011
When carring a child that you do not want it get a "mexican abortion". Go to Mexico and hang from a chin up bar. Then have the locals take sticks and beat the shit out of you ovaries to abort the fetus.
Cheap? Yes.
Illegal? No
Reliable? You bet.
"Yeah so I got a Mexican-Abortion yesturday"
"Oh my god, like totally"
by Zephyrgust March 22, 2008
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