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Another name for Canada given by George Bush
"Our neighboring countries like Mexico and Cold Mexico
by Zephyrgust March 22, 2008
Whilst having sex, pull your penis out of whatever hole it may be in, and cum somewhere on her. Then, using the head of your penis, rub the cum around in a circular motion, just like using a gluestick! :)
"Dude, last night, I was fuckin' this hoe, and I whipped it out and began glue-sticking her all over her stomach.
"Dude, sweet."

Glue-sticking; verb; to glue-stick
by Zephyrgust March 22, 2008
When carring a child that you do not want it get a "mexican abortion". Go to Mexico and hang from a chin up bar. Then have the locals take sticks and beat the shit out of you ovaries to abort the fetus.
Cheap? Yes.
Illegal? No
Reliable? You bet.
"Yeah so I got a Mexican-Abortion yesturday"
"Oh my god, like totally"
by Zephyrgust March 22, 2008

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