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The most awesome Pokemon ever. Originating from the cells of Mew, he was cloned, but when activated he quickly learneed his supposed purpose, grew angry, and destroyed the laboratory, killing many people. In essence, he is the only Pokemon cool enough to kill you, your friends, your family, and still be able to mix a refreshing drink out of your blood, and intestines.
Aw f***, it's Mewtwo! Everybody run!
by The Noid November 27, 2007
71 16
Just owns, pure owns

It is totally unstoppable, usually goes on killing sprees.
It tries to kill pikachu in a movie, but fails

It hides in a cave near Cerulean City and kills anyone who enters, unless you have a master ball.

The master ball is your only means of survival against this monster

Person 1: "Holy Shit man, i bumped into mewtwo yesterday"

Person 2: "How did u survive? Come you weren't killed like everyone else?"

Person 1: "I had a master ball!"
by Example555 January 30, 2009
43 13
The greatest pokemon aside from Slowking. He can spin your ass 360 degrees if you aren't carefull. Hell, his purple laser shit can fuck anyone up. I swear, he's on drugs or something, his eyes glow!! Wait.. MAKO ENERGY! HOLY SHIT! IT'S CLOUD!!
"They should make a movie with Mewtwo vs. Deoxys.. Seriously."

"This is embarassing but he was beaten by a Porygon.. But his trainer sucked, so yeah."

"Mewtwo... I, Sephiroth, shall destroy you-- Cloud! I know your secret damn it!"
by Kooper113 August 28, 2004
80 53
Used to be the most powerful Pokemon in the world. But then things started getting pretty complicated, and all the Pokemon became Gods with power over every single thing in the world. Then Arceus came along and said "GTFO," so Mewtwo had to sink back into the shadows and stay there until the last page of the internet. Now they got some Yin Yang Pokemon, who are rumored to be able to control Arceus, which makes no sense since Arceus is supposed to be the creator of the universe, and I don't really don't think Arceus would create it's creators. So then a bunch of fans rose up and said "I am disappoint," and Nintendo's trying to make it look like they're making it like their favorite games, Red and Blue. But really it's just a bunch of BS, and so people kept saying "I am disappoint," so now Nintendo's just keeping going. And now I am going to play Crystal.
by Lucio Soph September 05, 2010
23 8
The most badass and homocidal Pokemon of all.Created by a mad scientist of Team Rocket many years ago.It was created by taking Mew's genes and fusing it with genes from other Pokemon.

In "Mewtwo Strikes Back",it created an army consisting of all 3 Kanto starters,Ninetales,Vaporeon,and many others.Theese clones were stronger than the originals and nearly killed them all.But after a mushy moment,all the clones (including Mewtwo) left.In "Return of Mewtwo",Giovanni tries to re-capture Mewtwo but eventually falls to Mewtwo's awesome power.

In the games,it is only catchable in FireRed & LeafGreen.After defeating the Elite Four,you can return to Cerulean City,find the cave,and catch a Lv. 70 Mewtwo.It is the only Pokemon in FR & LG that sits at Lv. 70.
"A Pokemon created by recombining MEW's genes.It's said to have the most savage heart among Pokemon"

-Mewtwo,Pokemon Pearl Dex entry
by ShinyPikachu00 March 17, 2009
25 11
The most powerful Pokemon known to man.
Mewtwo loves the Teletubbies, but not as much as Cade McNown.
by Mewtwo October 05, 2007
17 23
the only cool pokemon. this is coming from someone who thinks pokemon is literally quite gay. sorry pokemon lovers, but it is quite lame. maybe its one of those cases where it kicked ass and got fucked up by english dubbing. anyways, mewtwo likes to kill things and will kick your ass. also was not irritating by repeatedly saying his name over and over again. he actually spoke intelligent english.
mewtwo psychically sodomized ash's tender cornhole
by seraphicreverie February 16, 2005
34 58