A verbal shrug

1.Used when lacking effort to say anything substantial/ when miserable/tired of conversation.

2. Replaces 'i can't be bothered'
Al: 'Comin out tonight Sal?'

Teacher: 'What does belug bwlah blah..?'
Sal: 'meugh'
by Noodle February 08, 2004
Top Definition
Pronounced 'Mer'

A street word used to describe something as being of a high standard/ quality or high fashion.

Developed from gold , frankinsense and Myrhh.

A word to decribe something as being unique and original, classy.

Orginally used in this context by British blogger - saraMeugh (www.meugh.co.uk)
Make it Meugh
by TheDefining1 April 17, 2011
A word i made up, random noise for fun. Can be used when immitating what someone has said.
someone says "im beautiful", when they are really ugly... then you can say "look at me, im beautiful Meugh!"
by Aman-M January 15, 2007
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