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Noun - A geek that has a strong concern for their appearance while still embracing their geeky nature.
"She is such a metrogeek wearing her replica video game necklace with that skirt."
by Blaksen December 06, 2009
Someone that is both Metrosexual and a Geek.
He is so hot and into computers. He is a metro-geek
by AtomMcCree July 21, 2009
A combination of a Metrosexual and a Geek, thought by some as an oxymoron but a cross-breed.
Man, that kid is wearing nice jeans. Why is he playing D and D?

He must be a MetroGeek
by bbqturtle August 31, 2008
Someone who spends all day switching between Social Networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and Myspace
Jatinder is such a metro geek she spends all day switching between facebook and myspace
by J0N3S3Y September 24, 2008