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The southwest's version of a crack whore. A scrabrous, filthy skank who will suck you off for $5.00.
I was trying to chill at the Double Down in Vegas but I was being totally hassled by a fucking,hideous Meth Mite.
by Wizmasta January 09, 2009
The awfully convincing, yet completely illusionary insects that one would experience from time to time due to sleep deprived hallucinations experienced in week long meth runs
Meth mites are not real, go to sleep
by Stoned Pope November 22, 2010
Meth Mites occur when a person uses methamphetamine. Meth Mites are not actual mites or bugs, but rather the result from the chemicals in the metmethamphetamine causing the skin to dry out and become flakey. Most Meth users will continue to itch or pick at the skin causing sores, and in some cases the sores to become infected. Meth Mites can appear on someone who has only used Meth once, and another Meth user may never develop them. Meth Mites can form anywhere on the body, but most commonly on the face, back, chest, and upper arms. They usually become worse because of the picking I mentioned above, and also a lack of hygeine in the Meth user. Meth Mites usually start off looking like small pimples or whiteheads, then they become dried out and the small spots become flakey leaving red spots and scabs. If they are picked at they become worse and worse, and can lead to possible infection. The only way for the Meth Mites to go away is to stop using Methamphetamine. Unfortunately, in most cases the damage has been done, and even after being sober from Meth, the Meth Mites have already left the skin with reddish or bownish spots all over the body, these spots do not go away and are pretty much a bunch of small scars.
That guy is on Meth... just look at his face, i can literally see the Meth Mites covering his face.
by PinkLove July 23, 2015
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