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Long-term meth users have a drug-induced psychosis that leads them to believe they are fine, drop-dead gorgeous, the best looking person around while in fact they look exceedingly tore back, sucked up, roadmapped, shipwrecked, and butterfaced.
Their many bleeding scabs are only surpassed by their ten years out of date hairstyles and clothes. Women look in the meth mirror and spend hours doing their make up thinking that they look like a star. The meth mirror is a delusion, a state of mind.
Tweaker: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" (Preens, showing decaying teeth).
Everytime Joce looked in the meth mirror, she thought she was a fine mother-fucker when in fact she looked like a lab-experiment squirrel.
by MadamexXx February 25, 2009
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