Amazing game but has the most confusing plot known to man. Not to mention the fact that you only play as the Badass hero with a mullet, Solid Snake for only an 8th of the game, the rest of the game you play ass the girly boy bitch Raiden for the restr of the game.
I couldn't sleep for days after I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 because I was trying to figure the plot out. To this day I still don't understand it.
by Solid Snake March 15, 2004
Top Definition
Probably the best ps2 game I've ever played...It kinda brings a tear to your eye...
I played this game for 48 hour in a row...
by a bigger retard June 09, 2004
The best game ever. Well-recieved for its excellent plot and philosophical/cyberpunk themes such as censorship, memes, the problems with democracy, information control, and the nature of reality.

This time, the player character is Raiden, who wasn't well-recieved by American audiences, but is in fact an excellent character. Besides, he was a trained killer at age 6. Isn't that badass enough?
Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best game that humanity has to offer.
by Smithkakarot July 26, 2007
Probably the 2nd best game on PS2, the 1st being MGS3. Raiden? Suck it the fuck up. I don't like his queer ass either but besides that, outstanding game.
I kinda get the story.
coming late 2006.
by adrian December 25, 2004
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