A Messer is someone who cuts off their pubic hair, rolls it in paper, and then offers it to others to smoke. Originating from its inventors surname who famously filmed the first ever successful "Mess"
"I dont care if he is a Messer, he just gave me a fag....."
by Mack10 May 12, 2006
Top Definition
The hardest mother fuckers you will ever meet. Known to kick doors down, and known for huge penis'. They can and will find you and kill you if you fuck with their family. The main people you don't want to get into an argument with, because you will lose. They take kicking ass to the next level.
Cincinnati Messer fuck shit up
by Danii Danger October 14, 2011
Irish slang for a sloppy or messy person; someone who fails to take things seriously; a hopeless amateur, a gobdaw.

Him: I've made us dinner, except the steak is burnt and the potato is cold and the gravy tastes like washing-up liquid. Hope you don't mind.

Her: You are an awful fecking messer, so you are.
by wheelieonline April 25, 2009
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